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attracts international students.

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Increase International Student Employability

Partner institutions work with us to level the playing field for their international students
using one platform.

Showcase Students to Top Employers

Showcase your international student & alumni profiles to top employers nationwide, match them with internships & full-time jobs, and increase their chance of getting hired.

24/7 Resources Beyond Graduation

Maximize your international student success by offering jobs, resources, and community personalized to their unique needs from day one and beyond graduation

On-demand Mentorship & Community

Stay relevant and bring lived experience from your alumni & mentors nationwide to your international students and attract even more new students to your institution.

Track Students’ Success Pathways

Boost your productivity by getting a closer look at the students’ engagement analytics and employment outcomes well beyond graduation.

The platform is completely white-labeled, bringing your institution’s brands to the forefront of the student experience.

Students & alumni can log in with their existing credentials. You are in control to manage the students’ experience, helping you do what you do best without additional work.

Our team works with you to understand the institution’s goal, programs, and international students’ unique needs to customize our technology offering accordingly.

Our Technology Integrates With Services

We work closely with your team to help your career centers and international student services succeed. Let’s win together.

Linus Leow

Career Advisor at Columbia College

It has been amazing to watch Isempower grow in such a short time. Isempower has been a great partner of Columbia College since 2019; it has been a joy to work together with a passionate team of professionals dedicated to supporting international students across Canada.

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