Empower International Students | Get A Job In Canada Career Services For International Students

Career Launcher Bootcamp

Land your dream job in Canada, guaranteed.

Empower International Students | Get A Job In Canada Career Services For International Students
Empower International Students | Get A Job In Canada Career Services For International Students

Get direct help from a team of recruiters & hiring managers until you land your dream job in Canada. Limited spots per month.

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Job search preparation

Get hands-on training from recruiters, hiring managers, and career coaches on writing resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, and networking.

Lifetime career support

Unlimited office hours and group coaching sessions. Continuous support and mentorship from program instructors until you get hired and well beyond!

Learn from the experts

Work directly with recruiters and hiring managers from top companies who actually recruit, make hiring decisions and are the subject experts.


Real student successes

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Land your dream offer

Designed for international candidates.

Empower International Students | Get A Job In Canada Career Services For International Students

100% Money Back Guarantee

Land a job within 6 months of completing the program or your money back.*

*Only apply when you are legally able to work in Canada and looking for full-time jobs.

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Proven strategies & results

Launch your dream career, together.

This Bootcamp Includes:

120+ Training Videos

30+ Downloadable Templates

6 Live Sessions Every Month

Benefit #1

Dream job in Canada

Identify the companies and job postings that match your skills and your vision for your new career & Permanent Residence, and learn what additional research you didn’t know you needed to do before you apply.

Benefit #2

Fully optimized resume

Everything you need to know to write an ATS optimized and personalized resume that works for you including top mistakes international students make – so even the strictest recruiter will want to call you in for an interview.

Benefit #3

Attractive cover letter

Learn how to write a tailored cover letter that speaks to your individual experience and accomplishments in a clear, effective way that will convince anyone you are the right person for the job.

Benefit #4

Network like a pro

Networking is a foreign concept. Understand networking best practices in Canada, how to reach out to hiring managers & recruiters for a referral, and how you can build new meaningful relationships that can help you launch your career in a new country.

Benefit #5

Win at interviews

Speak about your skills & experience confidently and persuade the employers you are the right fit for the role even though English is not your first language.

Benefit #6

Personal branding

Get clear on who you are, what your strengths are, and which skills you need to highlight to give you the competitive advantage you need to stand out as an international student.

Benefit #7

Job search management

Anticipate steps you need to take in your job search, learn how to work more effectively, track and analyze your performance so you can continuously stand out in the recruitment process.

Lifetime support

This is not just an online course, it is an ongoing support system for a successful career.

Office hours

Lifetime access to 6 live sessions with recruiters & hiring managers every month so you can ask any burning questions.

Private mentorship group

Be a part of a private mentorship group with lifetime priority support from program instructors and the founding team.

Meet with recruiters & hiring managers

Jessica Gutierrez

Director, Industry Cloud Field Enablement

Yauhan Mehta

Change Management Manager

Vanessa Nguyen

Senior Partner Manager

Karishma Jayaram

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Mher Mardoyan

Project Coordinator & Career Coach

Sunny Yang

Office Manager

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On-demand learning (value: $400)

Templates & downloadable (value: $300)

Lifetime career support (value: priceless)

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